Disability Allies Partners


Easter Seals New Jersey

In November 2016, we developed a partnership with Easter Seals New Jersey and ran a four day pilot program at their sheltered workshop in New Brunswick for their consumers. The program paired up consumers from the Easter Seals Day Program with college students from Rutgers University, who socialized with and engaged them in a variety of organized activities. Most of the consumers at Easter Seals were higher functioning, so the activities involved tasks centered around team work and communication. We developed a Disability Allies student-run chapter at Rutgers University. The chapter was tasked with finding mentors to take part in the program. In total we had over 50 mentors who expressed interest in the program. All the mentors were interviewed and we selected the best candidates. We then conducted an orientation at Rutgers University on how to interact with individuals with disabilities. We had 35 mentors and 30 consumers who took part in the program. We will be continuing the program throughout 2017.

CLICK HERE to view some pictures from our pilot program:


The ARC of Mercer County

When we approached the ARC of Mercer we found that they already have an extensive calendar of events. Instead of creating our own separate program we decided to enhance the events that they already have with mentors from local colleges. We developed two student-run Disability Allies chapters at Rider University and The College Of New Jersey to provide them with mentors for their events. We recruited, trained, and scheduled mentors to attend all of the ones they have.