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Transition to College Day

Essex County
Date: Friday, 8 April, 2016 10:00 AM

City: Newark

The purpose of Transition To College Day was to pair up college students at NJIT and High School students with disabilities and help them with the transition process into college. 45 High School students from Newark, Millburn, West Orange`and Elizebeth Public schools took a field trip during the school day to attend our event. The special education coordinators selected which students would participate in the event.

We divided the college students and High School students into smaller groups to discuss what college life is like and alleviate some of the concerns about college. We discussed how to be involved in different clubs and organizations. The college students provided tips on how to get along with their suite mates and live independently. They helped the High School students navigate an appropriate career path. They discussed student resources such as counseling, services, student advisement and career services. The High School students learned about accommodations and how to advocate for themselves. Everyone also engaged in a variety of team building activities that promoted teamwork, understanding, and growth.

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  • Friday, 8 April, 2016 10:00 AM

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