by Chance Raspberry

My disability classification is frontal lobe brain damage resulting in a cause and effect difficulty. Sometimes I feel misunderstood and like the only isolated case. Most people arent able to relate to what I go through, let alone the daily frustration. In my childhood I focused on my limitations rather than embracing my true self. It was one of depression, rejections and feeling inadequate. I knew I was different and I could not accept it. The journey of my life was like a maze with its twists and turns, and dead ends.However, my persistence and reliance has always gotten me back on the right track. I learned to overcome the hurt and frustration by serving others instead of serving my own wounded ego. I have seized many opportunities to grow and better myself.I got out of my own way by: Getting a job, attending church every Sunday, getting Reiki certified, joining Young Adult Social Club by NAMI, and most recently made a commitment for advocacy by joining DisabilitityAllies.Com.I know that many hope to reach a place of peace and self acceptance. I have chosen to forge ahead, sometimes with fear, but always with truth and fortitude. I have learned that life is too short to worry, and wallow in self pity. Life is more purposeful and joyous by taking risks and helping others.