We will have coaches who will provide the following services to consumers with disabilities on a one on one basis. We can also provide Prevocational Services to students during the school day and set them up with a volunteer opportunity.

  • Community Inclusion
  • Job Coaching
  • Volunteer Coaching
  • College or Trade school assistance and preparation
  • Life Skills

How to get started

CLICK HERE to obtain funding for our services.

If you are interested in paying out our pocket send an email to to Harriet at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and copy Ross Yellin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. providing the following information:

  • The name, phone number and email of the appropriate contact person from the family
  • The name of the person that will be receiving our services
  • What town and county does the person that will be utilizing our services live in?
  • How many hours of services are you looking for? The minimum is 8 hours a week.
  • What services are you interested in receiving?

Our Services

We strongly recommend that you allow the Disability Allies Events to be part of the coaching program. The coaches will drive the consumers to and from our events, attend our events with the consumers and help introduce them to new people.

We have several student run chapters at different colleges throughout New Jersey that run regular events where we pair up college students with consumers with disabilities. We select the most experienced college students to become one on one coaches.

We provide services in the following counties in New Jersey:

Burlington County

Job Coaching

  1. Resume building
  2. Finding job opportunities
  3. On the job supervision
    • We will help consumers with staying on task
    • We will help them improve their work performance
    • We will provide additional on the job training
  4. Advocating for consumers and helping them find appropriate accommodations
  5. Finding promotion opportunities


Volunteer Coaching

  1. Benefits of Volunteering
    • Volunteering could turn into a job. Employers are much more likely to hire someone if they know who they are and are impressed by their performance.
    • Jobs often require a specific set of experience. Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills and acquire the experience needed to excel in the work place.
    • Some consumers are not ready to handle the responsibilities of a job and volunteering is an excellent first step.
  2. We will provide the same services as specified under Job Coaching.
  3. Volunteer Opportunities
    • Volunteering with the Disability Allies
      • Researching and inviting organizations to come to our events
      • Calling people on our contact list to invite them to come to our events
      • Researching different volunteer opportunities
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Volunteering at a wildlife preservation or park
    • Volunteering with the Boy or Girl Scouts or 4H
    • Volunteering at a Daycare Center
    • Soup Kitchens
    • Volunteering at a church or temple
      • Helping them run and plan events
    • Popcorn for the people
      • They hire individuals with disabilities to create, market and sell popcorn
    • Animal Shelters
    • Graphic Design Studios
    • Working backstage at a theater designing props and sets
    • Nursing Homes
    • Hospitals
    • Hackathons
      • An event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming to help out nonprofit or a good cause
    • Retail Stores and Restaurants
      • Staples
      • Local Restaurants (Applebees)
      • Shoprite and other grocery stores
      • Clothing Stores
    • Office work at Health Care Centers
    • The local library
    • Additional opportunities on Volunteer Match


Community Inclusion

  1. We will help consumers find different clubs, interest groups and events. We will attend these activities with them and help them meet new people. Below are some examples of activities.
    • Participation in interest groups including photography, karaoke, hiking, board games, and social networking events
    • Recreation Programs
    • Consumers can attend the events that the Disability Allies College chapters host with their coach.
    • Activities that you can do with the client on a one on one basis
      • Bowling
      • Playing board games
      • Mini Golf
      • Arts and Crafts
      • Going for a slice of pizza
      • Taking a walk in a park or going on a hike
      • Going swimming at the beach or at the pool
      • Going for a bike ride
      • Tossing a football
      • Going shopping at the mall
      • Going roller skating
      • Taking a trip to a museum
      • Going to the zoo
      • Going to an amusement park
      • Attending a festival or community fair

College or Trade school assistance and preparation

  1. Providing assistance in the search for a college or a trade school
  2. Developing effective learning strategies
  3. We will help consumers review the materials learned in their classes
  4. Note taking
  5. Advocating for consumers and helping them find appropriate accommodations
  6. Tutoring


Life Skills

  1. Setting up a daily schedule
  2. Tutoring in Reading,Writing and Math
  3. Technology Skills
    • Microsoft Office
    • Basic computer skills
  4. Independent living skills
    • Preparing Meals
    • Cleaning and doing chores around the house
    • Grocery shopping
    • Counting money
    • Paying bills
    • Assisting with getting dressed and showering
    • Reminding the individual to take his or her medication